Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg


This Is The Taurus Season Soundtrack You've Been Waiting For

Listen to Lucy Dacus' "My Mother & I"

Singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus just shared "My Mother & I," a bittersweet song about body image and family that is the perfect soundtrack for this Taurus season.

Dacus, who is also one-third of supergroup Boygenius, opens the song talking about her and her mother's bodies and feelings toward it: "My mother hates her body/ We share the same outline/ She swears that she loves mine." It's an important reminder of how parents' views of themselves can affect how their children learn to view their own bodies.

In the chorus, Dacus brings up her and her mother's Taurus identities: "The stars have a lot to say/ About babies born in the month of May/ We are down to Earth/ We see eye to eye/ We dig our feet in/ My mother and I."

In a press release, Dacus shared this about the song:

Being adopted has encouraged me to consider what mothers pass on through blood and body, and what they impart in the way of socialization and context. We—daughters, and all children—easily inherit the shame and fear of our mothers, but also the pride, self-assurance, and lessons of love. This song focuses on body image and the distinction between the body and the soul, which I can hardly claim to have clarity about to this day.

She also reflected "on traits my mother and I share as Taurean women—how we are steadfast but headstrong, empathetic but grounded, and dedicated to finding and giving reliable love and comfort."

Listen to "My Mother & I," below.