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Why Is Everyone Talking About Celebrity Dick Right Now?

Leave me out of it

In the closing days of 2018, famous women are really out here telling the entire world about their partners' dicks. Most recently, Cardi B joined Lili Reinhart and Miley Cyrus in publicly talking about Offset's (now ex- partner) dick skills.

On Tuesday, Cardi waxed poetic about the one thing she misses about Offset: his dick. In an Instagram Live video, Cardi talked about how she's thinking about ringing him up for sex, even though she didn't seem to care about getting back together with him. "I miss it," she said of his dick, whispering to the camera. "A lot. I want it. In my throat. Inside of me. Demolishing me. Destroying me." Okay.

We were also made aware yesterday that Liam Hemsworth and Cole Sprouse have good dick game by their respective girlfriends, Miley Cyrus and Lili Reinhart. While it's great that these women are happy in their relationships, this seems like a lot of dick talk all at once. Remember the days when the only celebrity dick that dominated the news was Pete Davidson's, whose package got an entire meme dedicated to it? Those were the days.

I know that no dick talk would be too big of an ask for me to make, but it would be great if celebrities could stick to making one dick go viral at a time. The world is starting to seem a little too eager to make us all into Andrew Glouberman, from that one scene of Big Mouth. It's a little much, is all I'm saying.