This Mercury Retrograde Is A Good Time To Watch What You Say

It'll be tempting to put your foot in your mouth

You probably know how to prepare for Mercury Retrograde by now. You probably know that Mercury rules traveling, contracts, deals, technology, and the exchange of information. You probably heard tell that retrograde periods are great for returning to old and unfinished endeavors along those lines, like developing an archive you've already started, or finishing that copy edit you've already agreed to take on. Retrogrades are retrospective and reflective times, which we all need, and they serve a purpose. But, sometimes we've got to make new plans or new moves in a world that doesn't adhere to the whims of planets. These actions aren't inherently doomed, and it stands to reason that everything will work out fine regardless. It's just that there are inauspicious possibilities at hand. And, if you've been a good listener, you've prepared for those possibilities.

In Sagittarius, Mercury is particularly adventurous and curious. The god of transactional information under the star of philosophy and intellectual fire comes on hot on the debate trail, ready to suss out the truth of how things are and how they could be. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, invested in connection and community structures, but they tend to spend a lot of time alone, pondering. And, although this solitude gives them peace, it also makes desperately desired socializing difficult. These centaurs often find themselves putting their hoof in their mouth when they so deeply ache to make a good impression.

Given that communication is particularly challenged this month, it's a good time for all signs to watch what they say and how they say it, especially in an era of political discord and danger, when the bonds we make with others are crucial to our emotional and physical survival. Additionally, Mercury joins Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius, which inspires confidence and faith in luck—attitudes that retrograde periods tend to really put to the test. Instead of gambling on your resources and reserves of energy by agreeing to take on more work opportunities or ethical battles, now is a great time to reassess all the wheels you've already put into motion. Which ones help the others spin and which clog up the gears, causing friction and obstruction? Make what you've already got going go better for you. Let whatever luck you feel lead to acts of gratitude and tending rather than gluttony and disregard.

Speaking of tending, Venus stations direct in Libra the day before Mercury stations retrograde. This sort of do-si-do might have you wanting to rejoice and run for the hills after a month of emotional storms and traumatic dry spells. But listen, the shadow period of Venus retrograde aches for repair—especially in the sign of balance-seeking Libra. The ground of your relationships, upturned and harvested, wants to be mulched, irrigated, rid of invasive thoughts like weeds. Work with each other. Let Mercury in retrograde teach you how to commit to something all the way through or how to close a life chapter with sacred intention. Take time to protect the most delicate bulbs that wait underground for blossom. What parts of you await your attention and your care? What parts of your relationships hold new promising possibilities? What parts of your relationships need to die so that you can thrive? Store the bulbs of these flowers, these many possible worlds, in a dark safe place. Then, when you're done, look at the ones you've chosen to do this work with. Kiss each other's hands for the work you've done to keep things alive, separately and together.