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Missoma's Newest Launch Is An Early Aughts Favorite

The gold chain belt is back and more versatile than ever

A throwback accessory is making its way back into our wardrobes again. Jewelry brand Missoma is expanding its product line to gold chain belts on Tuesday, which would definitely be worn by an early-aughts-era Paris Hilton (and probably current-day Paris Hilton, too).

The recently released pieces — eyewear chains are in the mix, too — are an extension of the brand's popular Twisted Collection, which already includes gold chunky bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made for layering. The belt, now available in two sizes and can be worn at hip or waist level, is made from 18-karat gold and can also be worn as a necklace. Prices for the eyewear chains range from $162 to $278 with the belts starting at $348 and going up to $382.

"Jewelry is about being playful, while adding that final touch to your outfit that puts a spring in your step. At times like this it's easy to forget, but trust me, if you are reading at home at your desk and you're not wearing any jewelry, hop up from your desk and put on some earrings, a necklace or a bracelet. How do you feel now?" Marisa Hordern, Missoma's founder, tells NYLON. "We're decorating life, and it's all about playing around with expression. Our new accessories are breathing new life into everyday styling — and they're functional, too, making your dressing so much more exciting. Everyone needs that little lift when you get ready in the morning."

While many people are currently staying indoors, Hordern and her Missoma team did wonder if a new product launch was worth doing.

"We were anticipating all the summer styling, adventures, festival looks, and new street-style trends, and when the time came to launch this week, we questioned if now was the right time," she says. "I sought counsel in my team and, indeed, our community. We often get comments about how Missoma makes people feel; it's one of the reasons I have always been passionate about jewelry."

She goes on to recall a comment left on the brand's Instagram page: "Wearing my Missoma while working from home makes the day feel less dreary."

Adds Hordern, "We have forged ahead with launching our new lines and I know that someone, somewhere is going to be putting on a new Missoma belt, it's going to brighten their day."

See more of Missoma's new launch, below, and shop the pieces on its website now.

Photo Courtesy of Missoma
Photo Courtesy of Missoma
Photo Courtesy of Missoma