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Singer Myá Shares How She Gets Her Skin So Good

The secret is fruit

by Tembe Denton-Hurst

Timeless beauty and bop-creator Myá opened up about her skin routine with Chili in an exclusive interview for VH1's Girls Cruise, and now I'm convinced that I've been wasting my produce all along. It turns out that the R&B icon is a DIY beauty queen and experiments with various fruits and vegetables. "For my masks, I use pure avocado and mango" she shares, which she credits with her firm, moisturized skin.

While I'm no stranger to the DIY avocado mask, my ears perked up at the mention of mango. Apparently, Myá uses the inside of mango peels to tighten her skin—scooping out the fruit's flesh (she eats it so it doesn't go to waste!) and saving the remainder for her skin-care routine. "I rub it all over my face, and it's tight 15 minutes later." A snack that helps you look like a snack? Here for it!

Myá also points to her diet as a contributor to her flawless complexion. "I'm vegan, and I believe what you put in your body definitely affects your skin. Oh, and water, lots of water."

Although it's easy to credit their melanin for their smooth, radiant skin—both Myá and Chili have been used as evidence to support the old adage that "Black doesn't crack"—Chili refutes that statement during the episode: "I think good genes and taking care of your skin is the key—I've seen many Black [people] that have cracked."

See the full clip on IGTV, below.