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DJ Anyma Brings Jewelry to Life With Bulgari Studio

The musician helped welcome the brand-new initiative with an installation and performance in Seoul.

You could hear the screams from yards away. Walking into the Théâtre des Lumières, an expansive gallery space in Seoul, Korea, the cheers hit you first. Then came the waiting crowd, phone cameras and hearted hands raised up. And beyond all that: Blackpink’s Lisa, dressed in an asymmetrical Dion Lee black gown, an unmissable B.Zero1 diamond necklace shining front and center.

It was the first jewel you saw of the evening, but certainly not the last. In March, Bulgari hosted the grand debut of Bulgari Studio, a brand-new studio concept that brings together artists and designers across platforms and eras of expertise in support of the brand’s B.zero1 fine-jewelry collection. The house introduced the new platform for creators with a blowout event that drew the likes of Lisa, Seventeen’s Mingyu, actor Mile Phakphum Romsaithong, and Japanese model Hikari Mori.

For its first iteration of the project, the storied jewelry house tapped artist Antoni Tudisco, DJ Anyma, and choreographer Sadeck Berrabah to reimagine the B.Zero1 in an interactive, 360-degree installation. The result, housed in Seoul’s iconic Lotte Tower, was a larger-than-life cube in the brand’s signature orange hue. Visitors were encouraged to step inside for an immersive experience that highlighted Anyma’s distinct visuals: robotic hands circling around, synced to the Italian DJ’s beats.

At the opening event, Anyma was in the house, closing out the night with an eye-catching set that bordered more on performance art than your typical DJ behind a turntable. The trip — his first time in Seoul — was the kickoff to a whirlwind spring, which included a hotly anticipated slot at Coachella (where he also confirmed his relationship with Grimes), the Ibiza debut of his Genesys show, and a slew of sold-out shows across Europe.

Here, the artist talks collaborating with Bulgari, adapting sets to new locations, and his philosophy on performance.

How much do you take a show's location into consideration when preparing a set?

I believe in creating a symbiotic relationship between the music and the environment, tailoring my set to complement and enhance the specific characteristics of each destination. Ultimately, I aim to create a memorable and immersive experience that transports listeners to new sonic landscapes, regardless of where the show occurs.

What did you take into account for the Bulgari Studio event in Seoul?

B.zero1 and its rich history of creative innovation and experimentation were the primary sources of inspiration, helping me reinterpret a design icon of jewelry history. I viewed Bulgari Studio as a portal to a dimension of innovative and unparalleled creativity, where these elements fused, allowing us to push the boundaries of traditional design and craft something truly unique.

I really enjoyed performing for the first time in Seoul for Bulgari Studio. The city exudes an avant-garde vibe that's both casual and deeply cultural, showcasing its contemporary edge with undeniable style. Its rich heritage seamlessly intertwines with the modern cityscape, adding depth and character. Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to explore the metropolis as I would have liked, but I wish to return in the future.

Anyma’s installation in Seoul’s Lotte Tower.
Inside the installation.

How did your collaboration with Bulgari Studio come about, and how did you bring your vision to life?

Collaborating with Bulgari, particularly on the B.zero1 collection, offered a fascinating exploration into the cohesive narrative harmony of tradition and innovation. In the case of Bulgari Studio, I aimed to create a space where people can let go of their inhibitions and immerse themselves fully in the moment. My creative process intertwines art, music, and technology as fundamental inspirations, using each to explore new forms and expressions, and I am happy that Bulgari gave me a free space where I could unfold my creativity, experiment, and share my feelings with the audience through my music.

How does music play a part into this project, and how did it inspire you?

As a DJ and producer, music has always been a source of inspiration and creativity. It can transcend language barriers, evoke emotions, and transport listeners to otherworldly realms. The rhythmic pulse of melodic techno has a hypnotic quality that I find endlessly fascinating. It urges me to push the boundaries of my creativity, experiment with new sounds and techniques, and create immersive experiences that blur the lines between auditory and visual stimuli.

DJing has allowed you to travel all over where is your favorite place to perform?

Traveling as a DJ has taken me to numerous incredible places around the globe. Each destination has its unique ambiance; thus, I don't have a favorite place to perform. Every location brings its own distinct crowd and atmosphere, making each experience special.