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Elementary School Students Outperform Lil Nas X On "Old Town Road"

I can't stop watching this video

by Sesali Bowen

If it's true that the privilege of youth is being able to define what's cool and what's not, Lil Nas X just hit a new career high. Today a video of a bunch of kids singing "Old Town Road" dropped on YouTube, and the internet is mesmerized.

Lil Nas X surprised the students of Lander Elementary School in Ohio with a live performance of his number one hit, and they went absolutely nuts. I saw him perform the same song with Billy Ray Cyrus at Rolling Loud Music Festival and, honestly, the energy in this auditorium put us adult festival-goers to shame. They were so loud that he couldn't hear his own music and had to ask them to quiet down so he wouldn't miss his own intro.

But the true marvel was that these kids knew every, single word and spit every verse. The outperformed him on his own song. I was both impressed and heart-warmed.

Check out the video below.

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