Every True Goth Needs This Candle

Don't sleep on this

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If there's one thing every goth household needs, it's a very good collection of candles. They're perfect for keeping a dark, moody ambience but also don't look ridiculous when displayed by the dozen. For NYLON's guide on how to dress goth, Tragic Beautiful founder and goth expert Melanie Cramond defined goth as "a love of, or fascination with, the darkness in the world"—and Pyropets candles easily satisfy that definition. They're beautifully morbid (probably not your mother's candle), and also cast a melodramatic aura not achieved by tacky Halloween decor.

I've always been a bit of a candle hoarder, setting my clock each and every time Bath & Body Works has its 3-Wick Candle super sale to add to my ever-growing shrine to nothing, but I'm a sucker for any candle out of the norm. A funky pattern on the jar, a daring scent, you name it, I've bought it. So, when I first heard of a candle that burned to reveal skeleton innards, I logged online and ordered one in less time than it'd take you to find me a lighter.

There's a Pyropet candle for every level of goth, from beginner (aka pastel goth) to true witchy devotee. The black cat is easily the most goth candle ever to reach the candle market, but believe me: a white rabbit will look just as spooky melting amid your knickknacks once its skeleton peeks through.

If you would like to keep this candle for longer than the time it takes to burn down, I recommend placing it over a thrifted plate—bonus points if it's made of colored glass or features a very ridiculous cliché slogan from yesteryear. As the candle melts and the skeleton is revealed, wax will pool around its base, but the plate will help to keep the melty perfection neat (and preserve it as an ever-changing centerpiece for your coffee table). If you're not a fan of digging through thrift stores for new home goods, I can't relate, but the maker of Pyropets has you covered with its own plate featuring a geometric design similar to the carved cut of the candles.

When I first got my hands on a Pyropet, I definitely found it difficult to convince myself to burn it. If you find yourself too enamored with the geometric carved shape of the animal of your choosing, I don't blame you—my first went unburned on my bookshelf for nearly a year, letting my paperbacks rest against it like the pretty makeshift bookend it was. But, luckily, the candles are a slow burn, and also aren't so expensive that you can't go back for another (and another, and another). Either way you use it, it's the most goth upgrade you can make to your home decor.

Pyropet, Kisa in Black, $34, available at Amazon and 54 Celsius.

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