Photo courtesy of The Sill


I've Discovered The Secret To Not Killing My Plant Babies

This subscription service has changed my life

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Atop the list of things I wish I was better at, you'll find "be a better plant parent." I absolutely love the idea of being a mom to a variety of different plants scattered about my home, making me feel like I live amongst the trees rather than in a tiny apartment in the middle of a very concrete city. But, unfortunately for me, my green thumb is pretty much nonexistent, and cute little plants have a way of dying on me.

But since all my friends are aware that I'm very much a wannabe Millennial House Plant Girl™, one of them gave me a membership to The Sill's plant subscription service. Each month, a tiny, very cute, and incrediblyInstagrammable plant baby makes its way to my doorstep, already potted and ready to be placed on my windowsill/bedside table/bookshelf. And, thankfully, the subscription I was given is for "beginners," meaning each plant I've been sent is low-maintenance enough that I've been able to keep them all alive and thriving.

If you're already a skilled plant parent, The Sill has options for you too, and also offers things like a curated monthly selection of plants that can thrive in low light, as well as pet-friendly plants. Once I feel I've truly mastered the craft of taking care of my plants, I'll probably level up to the pet-friendly variety since I'm about to move into an apartment with a bunch of cats—and my girlfriend, though I won't have to worry about her chewing on my philodendrons.

What's particularly great about this service is that it delivers my plants straight to my home, just like I like everything—groceries, books, prescription medicine—to be. The ease of getting a healthy plant without the hassle of seeking them out at a farmer's market has made it that much easier to achieve peak Millennial House Plant Girl™ status. The hardest thing I have to do, really, is figure out where I want to put each new plant that comes in the mail.

The Sill, Plants For Beginners Monthly Subscription, $35/month, available at The Sill.