Can Samira Wiley Tell Real Lesbian Headlines From Fake Ones?

Lesbians are known for going above and beyond when it comes to love, and sometimes it's hard to tell whether a news headline about them is real, or entirely made up. For NYLON's second annual Pride issue with cover star Samira Wiley, we had some fun crafting fake lesbian scenarios and mixing them in with real ones to see if Wiley could tell them apart. TBH, though some of the ones we imagined are pretty far-fetched, we wouldn't be surprised if this video served as inspiration to make them happen in real life in the future.

But for now, could Wiley tell fact from fiction? Hear Wiley mull over some serious "lesbian shit" in the video above.

Produced by: Alexandra Hsie

Camera: Charlotte Prager + Dani Okon

Edited by: Charlotte Prager

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