Sunglasses Stole The Show At This Year’s Governors Ball

Throwing shade like it's sunny

by Rebel Developer

This year's Governors Ball continued to prove that no one does street style better than New Yorkers. And while this weekend saw concert-goers in their coolest 'fits, it was their accessories that truly made their ensembles stand out—specifically, their wicked shades.

And sure, wearing shades to a music festival is pretty run-of-the-mill. But those who know Governors Ball know that it rains almost every year—and this year was supposed to be no different. But for once, instead of being a gloomy and wet disaster, the sky cleared and gave us a much-needed dose of vitamin D.

And naturally, where there was light, concert attendees threw shade.

See the gallery below for our favorite eye-catching looks from this weekend's festival. See you in 2019, Gov Ball!