Photo by Aubrey Wipfli


Taylor Belle Wants You To See All Her "Dimensions"

She's got more going on than what's on the surface

Taylor Belle has learned plenty upon entering her 20s, and she's got a song to tell you all about it. You may recognize Belle from when she and Abby Jasmine threw the party of the century for their "Relax" video, and, truly, we haven't stopped listening to her since. Today, she premieres her new single "Dimensions" exclusively via NYLON.

Belle created "Dimensions" with previous collaborator and friend Jahnei Clarke during a session in New York; he'd already finished the beat when she arrived at the studio, and "the vibe completely clicked" immediately, Belle told NYLON. She said, "We did all of the writing and recording that day, and I decided to make it my next single—there was something about the rawness and emotion that I knew people had to hear from me to set the tone for everything I have coming."

On "Dimensions," Belle demands we get beyond the superficial, and look inside one another. "It's impossible to see someone from a single perspective," she said. "I want this song to make people feel more accepting of themselves and others." First impressions never tell the full story.

Listen to "Dimensions," below, and keep an eye out for new releases to come from Belle.