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Georgia Lawmakers Respond To Anti-Abortion Bill By Proposing To Restrict Men's Reproductive Health

"Testicular Bill of Rights" would ban vasectomies and require partner's permission for a man to get Viagra

A new proposed Georgia bill takes aim at the recent passage of the "heartbeat" bill by the state's House of Representatives, advocating that the state make men's access to reproductive health care just as limited as the bill makes women's.

HB 481 would make abortions illegal after six weeks, which is often before women even know they're pregnant. State Representative Dar'shun Kendrick is proposing the new "Testicular Bill of Rights" in response, which is co-sponsored by a group of her fellow female lawmakers. She tweeted about the bill this week, saying, "You want some regulation of bodies and choice? Done!" It would severely limit men's access to reproductive services and sex-related items, like porn and sex toys, and would start making them financially responsible for all pregnancies, whether planned or not.

Listed in the proposed bill is a measure to require men to get permission from their sex partner in order to receive a prescription for "Viagra or any erectile dysfunction medication," and would put in place a 24-hour "waiting period" for men to buy "any porn or sex toys in the state of Georgia." It would also ban vasectomies, making the punishments for doctors performing these procedures the same as those that doctors performing abortions would receive under HB 481.

The bill would also make men having sex without a condom an "aggravated assault," and require they pay child support when a woman is six weeks and one day pregnant, seeing as she would have no other choice but to continue the pregnancy at that time. A DNA test would be required in order to determine who is responsible for said child support.

Though this bill, for obvious reasons, is ridiculous, it does show how much more restrictive women's health care is and has historically been in this country. It's about time we legislate men's balls in this country.