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What Dystopian Novel Inspired Melania Trump's Holiday Decorations This Year?!

Red, the blood of angry men!

Melania Trump has revealed this year's White House Christmas decorations, and they're just as devoid of joy as last year's, with one little difference. Rather than all-white spiky branches lining a massive hallway, she's opted for red cone "trees" that are anything but lifelike.

The FLOTUS shared a peek at the new seasonal decor via a video on Twitter, in which she can be seen wandering amidst the decorations wearing a dour, all-black ensemble. And though the blood red trees are dominating the decorative discourse, there's more to behold, like a wreath of pencils and tacky ornaments celebrating her grammatically incorrect "Be Best" initiative. But the Red Wedding-esque hall really encapsulates the vibe of the whole experience.

Along with the video of her wandering the White House to approve the work of volunteer decorators, she shared a few heavily filtered pics of some trees; nowhere is she cracking even the hint of a smile.

Many Twitter users quickly shared photoshopped versions of the trees from hell, in unanimous agreement that they were actually a nod to The Handmaid's Tale. The unintentional aesthetic parallel is a little too apt, TBH.