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Zendaya Had The Best Reaction To Reading A Mean Tweet About Her

Maisie Williams and Kim Kardashian had great responses too

Jimmy Kimmel has shared another round of his popular segment in which celebrities read mean things about them that have been tweeted into the digital void. This time,Euphoria star and forever-favorite Zendaya joined in on the fun, serving the ultimate comeback for her hater without taking a moment's pause.

"I bet Zendaya['s] feet smell like Funyuns," the troll wrote, adding an emoji with its mouth covered. Deadpanned, Zendaya asked, "Let's check, shall we?" before reaching down to take off a single sparkly Christian Louboutin shoe to sniff. "Nope, smells like success to me," she quipped, cracking a smile just before the video cut to another celebrity tweet-reader.

Elsewhere in the video, Kim Kardashian smiles as she tells a tweeter to follow through on planting "poison ivy plants in [their] anus," and Maisie Williams reacts to being called a "very young grandma." Some celebs don't react as well to the hate—both Tiffany Haddish and Sarah Paulson served choice expletives at the tweeters.

Watch the full video, below, (or skip ahead to 1:19 to see Zendaya's clap-back first).