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People Are Now Searching "Alien" And "Area 51" On PornHub

This is getting out of control

Apparently no one has any chill, because there are now people searching for aliens and Area 51 on PornHub. Why can't y'all just take a viral meme and not make it dirty?

If you're confused about this, here's what's been going down on the internet. A Facebook event called "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All Of Us" was created, with 3 million users and counting either "interested" or "going" to the Nevada facility come September. The group has spawned memesuponmemes about what people will do once they break into the top-secret military base and (hopefully) take home an alien. Even Lil Nas X based his new "Old Town Road" music video on the meme.

According to insights from PornHub, searches for "Area 51" have gone from zero to 160,000 in the past four days. Searches including the word "alien" were apparently already popular, with about 30,000 searches per day before the meme event went viral, but it surged by 217 percent on July 2 and then again by 199 percent on July 15.

If you were wondering, PornHub also listed the top 20 alien-related searches that people "shoot their rockets off to." The number one result is "alien impregnation," though "alien girl," "alien probe," "alien pussy," and "sexy alien babe" also make the list.

Not to kink-shame or anything, but, after seeing this, I'm worried about the state of our society.