This Is What Ariana Grande's Real Hair Actually Looks Like

Surprisingly very curly

Whether you're just an average person or a Grammy award winning pop star, the habit of actually doing your hair starts to dissolve after a few days of quarantine. Such is surely the case for Ariana Grande, who shared a rare look at her real, naturally curly hair texture on Instagram — sans the straightened extensions or famed high ponytail.

Grande posted the photo on the platform on March 30, a day after the President of the United States announced the extension of social distancing guidelines to continue through April 30. With a content albeit bored look on her face, Grande captioned the post with, "get a load a dis."

Fans and celebrities alike were quick to compliment the singer, with everyone from Lil Nas X, Donte Colley, and Zoey Deutch sharing their love in the comments. "Favorite look on u. Always," commented Alfredo Flores, Grande's longtime photographer and collaborator. Grande's hairstylist, Josh Liu, also threw in his approval sharing, "yes mam! curly gurlyyy," to which Grande responded, "thank u for always putting the curls and their health first !!! ily." The friendly exchange had fans requesting the singer's natural curls come out more — after we're free from quarantine.

See Grande's real, natural curls, below.