Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images


Ariana Grande’s Naturally Curly Hair Is Thriving in Quarantine

Fans are calling for her to keep the style

Forget her noted high ponytail, because Ariana Grande is all about her real natural curls right now. During this period of social distancing, the singer has been going without her famous extensions. After previously giving Instagram followers a peek at the look, she's shared an even better look at her curls (and color) on Instagram.

On April 7, Grande — and her curls — posted a short video to the platform, seeing the artist twirling for the camera to give followers a complete look at the current state of her hair. In the post, Grande's half-down ponytail shows that her hair is two-toned, with her dark curls and thick, chunky light brown highlights. with curls in shades of dark and light brown. For the video, she wears a half ponytail, and moving the style around atop her head, giving fans a few different looks.

This latest all natural moment comes days after Grande's curls made their social distancing debut. Although it appears as if Grande has since deleted the original Instagram, fans have already captured and shared the last picture.

Followers are already calling for the singer to embrace her natural hair more often, commenting on Instagram, "You should so keep this hair for next era" and "keep this look." So far, Grande hasn't confirmed whether she's envisioning a future without her ponytail, but since she previously admitted that the style results in significant pain to her head, maybe more natural styles will be incorporated in her future beauty routines.

Admire Grande's latest major curl moment, below.