band crush: 1, 2, 3

    tune out to some catchy rock with a conscience.

    by · April 25, 2011
    Sugar and spice, sweet and salty, dark and light. Whatever you want to call it, Pittsburgh band 1,2,3 is a total contradiction- which in our opinion, makes them all the more interesting. Within the past year alone, these guys have already won over critics and a cult following alike for their melancholia-tinged tunes. ’70s-inspired tracks like “Confetti” switch off between tight guitar riffs, booming choruses, and brooding lyrics (“Undertaker take me under oceans of oil/ I’ll be under 20,000 blades of grass through the soil”), giving this brand of pop a split personality that we just can’t resist.Their debut album, New Heaven, won’t drop until June, but what are you waiting for? Get addicted to 1,2,3 early here. 1,2,3 by 123land
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