See One Ballerina Dance Through 100 Years Of Girls’ Fashion In Three Minutes

the evolution of adorbs

Actually, it’s less than three minutes, but we rounded up because you might need to recover for just a sec after watching this video that captures the colorful progress of girls’ style since 1916. Seriously, it’s crushingly cute.

Just like all the many, many “100 Years of…” videos out there, this one starts at the leading edge of World War I when stripes and bows were having a moment. From there it’s a decade-by-decade dance through lace, A-line dresses, polyester, and, finally, pants. It all ends up in a touch of Lululemon-style black athletic wear because the kids are all Health Goths these days. Just between us all, we’re very much feeling what’s going on in the 1950s. Dunno what that means—just putting it out there.

No, seriously, on top of being very cute and a great look back, this take on the 100 Years… meme has a nice message embedded inside. Created by the very same people who brought you those realistically proportioned Lammily dolls. To keep the positivity up, the company capped off the video by letting their talented ballerina star Jonna Banko address the camera and share her thoughts on what fashion means (and can mean) for kids her age. At the end of the day, she says, it’s about confidence, not being perfect. Considering that the phrase “children should be seen and not heard” was still popular 100 years ago, Banko’s little speech is just more proof of how far girls have come.