The 17 Coolest films Where The Single Girl Wins

    not every girl needs a man

    by · February 18, 2016

    For some reason, society tells us that in order to live a whole, happy life, you need a significant other to complete you. And although the wide world of cinema explores nearly every imaginable facet of humankind and fantasy, it plays up the idea of romance where the two characters always seem to find love and a “happy ending.” Don’t get us wrong—it’s always great to have a partner in crime by your side as you navigate your way through life, but you don’t need one.

    China celebrates those without a life partner on National Singles Day (11/11). And while it may seem natural to celebrate independent men and women on the day of physical “ones,” when dreams also supposedly come true, the United States has no such day. Instead, we like to cherish single guys and girls every day. And sometimes, we like to hold a massive movie marathon celebrating our favorite ladies that choose to live the single life. Ahead, see what’s in our queue.
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