Two pairs of classic sneakers and so many ways to give them our steeze.

by ray siegel

Maybe it's the cold weather or that the season of giving is officially underway, but the holidays make us want to hit up our local craft store and DIY-up a storm. So that's just what we decided to do--we're thrilled to announce the start of a new holiday tradition: our first-ever 12 Days of DIY. We're taking items that we love and coming up with cool ways to make them unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. When we decided to DIY a sneaker, we knew we had to call in a real pro. Streetwear fashion expert Josefine Aberg is the design manager and head of design for the Originals Blue collection at Adidas international headquarters and we don't think she even knew how crafty she was until today. Believe it or not, she flew here all the way from Germany to spend the day hitting up New York's finest art stores and crafting with us. "I wanted to dress up a classic sneaker that everyone already has at home and instead of using crazy amounts of glitter, we went for a more simple look," says Aberg. To recreate Aberg's vision on your own pair of classic Adidas shell toes, here's what you'll need: Black glitter 10 screwback spike studs 4 gold charms Needle and thread Elmer's crafting glue Super glue Blush makeup brush

Step 1: "Add the glue to the stripes on the side of your sneakers. Elmer's crafting glue is easier to work with than super glue."

Step 2: "Quickly pour a ton of glitter all over the stripes of the sneaker before for the glue dries. Don't shake it off yet!"

Step 3: "While the glue dries, start screwing on the spike studs to your second pair. If you get the right size studs, they should fit perfectly in the holes on the side of the sneaker--this is why choosing screw back studds is ideal for this project." Step 4: "After you've waited about 30 minutes for the glitter to dry, use a soft makeup brush to clean off the excess glitter."

Step 5: "Start adding your charms. I sewed on a gun charm and a unicorn to the bottom of the laces. On the studded pair, I let Ray use super glue to stick charms on the shoe tongue." The result is a one-of-a-kind pair that will make your friends jealous--and they look so pro--instead of having people think your little sister got a hold of your glitter stash.