think of these as the anti-days-of-the-week undies.

by ali hoffman

Maybe it's the cold weather or that the season of giving is officially underway, but the holidays make us want to hit up our local craft store and DIY-up a storm. So that's just what we decided to do--we're thrilled to announce the start of a new holiday tradition: our first-ever 12 Days of DIY. We're taking items that we love and coming up with cool ways to make them unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. When giving a present, it's important to keep the recipient's taste in mind. And there are two types of girls out there: Those who always wear perfectly matched bra and pantie sets, and those who wouldn't dream of coordinating the two. We'd like to think of ourselves as a perfect mix of the two--depending on our given mood. So when Stella McCartney designed a set of adorable Days of the Week underpants a little while back, we found ourselves stuck between two girl codes. Our inner Blair Waldorf jumped for joy over the delicate sheer set, so perfectly pristine and organized. But the Vanessa Abrams in us rolled her eyes, denouncing them lame and unnecessary. So for today's DIY we've decided to take the traditional days-of-the-week concept and give it an awesome NYLON-approved twist. Rather than sticking to the standard Monday-Sunday set, we decided to honor this year's acronym obsession (side note: Oxford American Dictionaries named "GIF" the 2012 Word of the Year), pairing each day with what deemed the most fitting abbreviation. The result? Well see for yourself! Supplies: - 7 pairs of Victoria's Secret Lace-Waist Hiphugger Panty (5/$26) - 1 Pack of Iron On Transfer Paper - Scissors - Iron

Step 1: First and foremost, you need to decide what you want to write for each day of the week. Here's what we came up with: Monday: FML Tuesday: LOLZ Wednesday: BRB Thursday: BYOB Friday: TGIF Saturday: YOLO Sunday: HBO Step 2: Type out your words-of-the-week in a Word document. Load the transfer paper in your printer. Before pressing print, select "print as mirror image" (this will make it so your words won't read backwards when ironing on!). Okay, now you can print.

Step 3: Cut out each word, being carful not to separate the transfter paper with the "backing paper" attached. Step 4: Place the cutouts face down on backside of the underwear. Gently smooth the iron over the the cutout for about 90 seconds. Let cool for several minutes. Step 5: Once the paper is cool enough to touch, carefully peel the backing of the paper off.

And voila! A week's worth of LOL-worthy panties to gift to your BFF or keep for yourself!