14 diy beauty tips

    exfoliator from coffee grinds?

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    Sure, getting the look of your favorite celebs is always something worth trying. But sometimes getting the look takes more out of your wallet than you can afford. It’s fine if beauty is pain, but not being able to pay your rent definitely isn’t cute. That’s why we’ve searched high and low for the best beauty treatments made from stuff you probably already have in your apartment. See the entire list of our favorites from around the web below, then try some out for yourself and share what worked and what didn’t in the comments!

    Make This
    : Homemade Face Mask
    Ingredients: Honey, Water, Asprin
    NYLON Says: Usually this trifecta is used to cure a sore throat, but we’re down for anything that can calm and reduce our puffy eyes.

    Make This
    : Blackhead Remover
    Ingredients: School Glue
    NYLON Says: Wait a week after local schools start and this stuff will be half the price.

    : Better Shampoo
    Ingredients: Baking Soda
    NYLON Says: After you’re done making yourself an entire batch of cookies, try sprinkling some baking soda in your shampoo as a build-up preventer. But, always, cookies first.

    Make ThisNUMBER FOUR
    : Mani Design Templates
    Ingredients: A Band-Aid
    NYLON Says: Walk the line by angling Band-Aids any way you want.

    Make ThisNUMBER FIVE
    : Exfoliator Au Lait
    Ingredients: Coffee Grinds, Body Scrub
    NYLON Says: Add some vanilla extract and this combo might be the best way ever to start your day.

    Make ThisNUMBER SIX
    : Lash Plumper
    Ingredients: Baby Powder
    NYLON Says: Among its many uses, baby powder can also hook you up with the lashes you weren’t born with.

    : Puffy Eye Reducer
    Ingredients: Tea bags, Cucumbers
    NYLON Says: The oldest trick in the book that really does work. Can’t leave out the classics!

    : All-Natural Toner
    Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar
    NYLON Says: When it comes to chips and salad dressing, some people hate vinegar and some people love it. Trust us when we say you’ll fall hard when you realize how well it clears your skin.

    Make ThisNUMBER NINE
    : Tooth Whitener
    Ingredients: Strawberries, Baking Soda
    NYLON Says: I swear, this isn’t the start of an epic strawberry shortcake...unless you want it to be...

    Make ThisNUMBER TEN
    : Makeup Remover
    Ingredients: Oilve Oil
    NYLON Says: Best used when you’re in a pinch because most of the time, makeup remover is cheaper than this delish pasta staple.

    : Scar Lightener
    Ingredients: Nutmeg, Honey
    NYLON Says: Not only will this concoction help to lighten your scars, but it will also leave your skin smelling amazing.

    : Flyaway Tamer
    Ingredients: Static Guard
    NYLON Says: Basically, bringing Static Guard with you wherever you go will keep everything that’s supposed to be down, well, down.

    : Hair Lightener
    Ingredients: Lemons, Water, Sunlight
    NYLON Says: Do this before it’s too cold and dark out!

    : Beach Spray
    Ingredients: Sea Salt, Seltzer Water
    NYLON Says: This is how you re-create an ocean swim without an actual ocean.

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