This Is What 2,000 Years of Makeup Looks Like

the bad & the beautiful

Makeup tutorials will never go out of style, but the trends definitely do. Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge decided to show us the best and worst makeup looks of all time in a fun, educational video. Her lesson begins with the Egyptians, citing men and women as being experimental with their makeup and eyeliner. Moving on to the Greeks, women had to adhere to the whole "less is more" mentality as overdone makeup was frowned upon.

Similarly, people that were alive during the Medieval era connected using cosmetics to deception and sin. Aristocrats in the 16th and 18th Centuries did the most to their faces, overloading the blush and powder, while the Victorian era condemned makeup. Fast-forward to the 1920s and makeup became a form of empowerment for women. This continued in the 1960s when winged eyeliner was all the rage, and then colorful eye shadow defined the 1980s. Today, women do whatever expresses them best.

While a lot of makeup trends have changed—thank goodness some of them faded out—it just goes to show that every era has its own special signature. Watch it all flash before your eyes in the video above.