I Got 5 on it: 5 Places To Visit Before You Turn 25

"Travel while you're young!" more- We've all heard this from those wanderlust relatives we see once a year at family gatherings. But seriously, travel before you're college debt catches up with you or that new job hits you with 6 months of probation that enables you to go anywhere further than a monthly metro card can take you. Here's a short list of places to visit before responsibility settles in.

  1. New York City: Sleepless nights in a city with endless possibilities.
  2. Rome: Visit the Vatican and confess whatever sins you soon will make.
  3. Los Angeles: The city where some dreams might actually come true.
  4. Mexico: Spring break won't last forever. Get it in and turn up while you still can.
  5. Paris: The language is different and so are the women. That is all.

words by Jordan Lopez