The New ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer is Turning Up the Heat

can you handle it?

Even if you're not a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, you've got to admit—it's bound to be an interesting movie, to say the least. We couldn't really picture how the E. L. James Twilight erotica-inspired book was going to translate on-screen without the NC-17 rating, but now that the first full-length trailer has been released, we're starting to get a full (albeit steamy) picture. And we totally expect theaters to be packed when it's released next Valentine's Day.

Though the teaser trailer released last week only gave us a limited glimpse at the film (though it did show a pretty nice look at Jamie Dornan's, aka Christian Grey's, sculpted back), this preview shows things seriously heating up. When it premiered last night during Scandal, viewers got their first look at Grey's submissive contract, the Red Room of Pain, and a handful of steamy hookup sessions. And we can't forget to mention that the mega-intense clip is soundtracked by Beyoncé's "Haunted." We've got shivers already. One warning: This first look at the film is only a tad NSFW, but you may just have to fan yourself down a little after watching.

This may be one of the most scandalous films to hit widespread theaters and we know things can only get hotter from here. Watch the trailer below and catch the movie on Valentine's Day 2015 for one steamy cinematic experience.