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Horse Twitter is not here for Roy Moore

Today is...

Hot Cocoa Day!

News of the Day:

+ Yesterday, the state of Alabama had its Senate election, and it stirred up some major controversy. Accused pedophile and Republican nominee Roy Moore, who later in the night lost to Democrat Doug Jones, rode to the ballots on a horse, and needless to say, Horse Twitter was not here for it. See some of the best reactions, below.

+ MGMT has released a psychedelic video chronicling the death and resurrection of a strange magician for new single, "When You Die." The video follows "Little Dark Age," from the upcoming album of the same name, though the most recent single is more in tune with the MGMT we once knew.

+ For a limited time, Anastasia Beverly Hills is having a buy one, get one sale on all of its iconic Glow Kits, which go for $40 to $45 each. Call up a friend and share the wealth, or just pick out your own two faves—we won’t judge. 

+ Kat Von D's limited-edition Metal Matte Palette is being re-released in miniature form, to throw into your travel bag this holiday season. Peep KVD's official Instagram post, below:

+ Loved Blair Waldorf's style on Gossip Girl? You'll soon be able to get your hands on some of her iconic headbands. The show's designer is paying tribute to the character, by releasing her Swarovski crystal headband for purchase. Going for $325, the adornment doesn’t come cheap, but the novelty alone might be enough to convince us.

Deal of the Day:

Our favorite lingerie brand, LIVELY, just launched its Retro Series—a collection full of '70s-inspired gear with a big focus on comfort and versatility. The line features the brand’s bralette in super-soft ribbed modal cotton and some of the season’s most in-demand colors, like burgundy, navy and gray, all with removable padding for the utmost adaptability. Needless to say, we're obsessed. Check out the latest from LIVELY and stock up here

Advice of the Day:

"My advice to girls is always this—do not be afraid to fail, because that, oftentimes, is the thing that keeps us as women and girls back, because we think we have to be right." — Michelle Obama 

GIF of the Day: