8 unique dating apps that aren’t tinder

forget swiping left or sliding into DMs

by hannah watts

A few years ago, the general population seemed to scoff at the idea of online dating. But now, thanks to a bevy of apps and perhaps a general openness to finding love on the good ol' Internet, 40 million Americans have used some form of online dating at one point or another. Even celebrities like Hilary Duff and Leo DiCaprio have jumped on the bandwagon. But however popular Tinder may be, not everyone is looking for a swipe left or right experience. So, with that in mind, we rounded up a list of the best new dating apps. And if you're not looking for the love of your life (or even one for a night), they're also good for finding a concert buddy, setting up group dates, exploring fun, new date ideas, and choosing who you do (or don't) interact with. One of them even lets you search through a "manventory" and add users to your "shopping bag." We'll just leave that idea there. Click through the gallery to see our top picks.

Photo courtesy of Love Flutter

Love Flutter (iOS and Android)

No more judging a book by its cover. Less focused on selfies, the app asks users to provide a quirky or interesting personal fact, which is then superimposed over a blurred profile image. You can only reveal more information about your prospective love interest if you hold on the match's profile. It also allows you to explore mutual friends and similar interests to help you decide whether to "like" or "pass." 

Photo courtesy of How About We

How About We (iOS, Android, abd online—free or subscription upgrade)

Ready to play the dating game? Forget the rules. Rather than flicking through profiles, How About We gives you the power to pick the kind of date you want to go out on. No more run-of-the-mill dinner and a movie—unless that's your thing! Instead, it could be an early morning run, an afternoon hike, a conversation over coffee, or even skydiving. Not into dating apps? Use it to check out the plethora of date ideas.

Photo courtesy of Tastebuds

Tastebuds (iOS—free)

Is it a dealbreaker when your date hates the music you love and vice versa? Tastebuds makes your dating experience about music—and it's not just for groupies. After importing your music library or adding information about your favorite bands and music, you're matched up with people in your location based on shared interests. Use it to make new friends, find your next concert buddy, or meet your dream date.

Photo courtesy of Hitch

Hitch (iOS and Android—free)

Friends know better, so this app lets your friends pick matches for you. Once users log in with their Facebook accounts, they can then match their friends together through the built-in anonymous and private chat. You're only provided with the age and gender of your match, the friend that matched you, and a short message. Sending a Reveal Request lets you learn more about your match.

Photo courtesy of At First Sight

At First Sight (Google Play Store—free)

The Vine of dating apps: If you're a fan of the wildly popular The Bachelor or The Bachelorette show, then this one is for you. The Bachelor host Chris Harrison introduced At First Sight as a joint venture with the franchise's creator, Mike Fleiss. What sets it apart from all the others is that it uses video profiles to connect users.

Photo courtesy of Check Him Out

Checkhimout (Online and iOS—free)

Can't stop shopping? Meet your new addiction. This app claims to put the power 100 percent in women's hands so that they can choose who they want instead of being inundated with messages. Female users browse the "Manventory" and make the first move, putting men in their "shopping bag."

Photo courtesy of Bumble

Bumble (iOS—free)

From the previous executives of Tinder, Bumble puts the power back into the hands of women. Like Tinder, it lets users swipe right to approve and left to pass. Two users are only allowed to chat when they mututally swipe each other right. Then, only women can initiate the conversation within 24 hours. After that time period, the connection disappears.

Photo courtesy of Grouper

Grouper (iOS—free)

No more awkward one-on-one meetings. Grouper sets up drinks between two groups of friends: Three on three. Date candidates pick two "wingmen," pay $20 per person, and are then matched up with another group of three friends. The app pays for the first round of drinks, leaving plans for the rest of the night up to the group. Currently, it's only live in New York City and invite-only but plans to roll out to other U.S. cities soon.