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9 Shows From the ’90s We’d Love to See Rebooted

blast from the past.

There's nothing like a '90s sitcom to give you flashbacks to days filled with feathery bangs and butterfly clips. That's why we're thrilled to see some of our old favorites like Full House coming back to the screen in the form of modern day reboots. It's satisfying to see where our favorite characters have ended up, and new seasons means new, exciting storylines—so we don't have to keep watching reruns again. 

Yet with all the reboots coming out, there are still some shows we'd like to see take the screen again. These sitcoms stole our hearts at the end of the twentieth century, but we think that they'd be just as welcome on our TVs (or laptops) in 2015. No one can resist an old favorite, and these shows are just begging to be brought back.