How To Seduce A Taurus

    Use all your senses for this one

    by christie craft · May 09, 2016

    There’s a lot to admire in a Taurus from afar. Steadfast, honest, independent, and ambitious, Bulls tend to have their shit together—at least on the exterior. Bulls can seem as iron as oak in their daily work ethic, but once these earthy spirits catch a lovey-dovey vibe, the sturdy beasts melt into cuddly Teddy bears, faithful companions, and indulgent hedonists en boudoir. With a ruling planet as sensual and luxurious as Venus, goddess of romance and wealth, Taurus knows how to present themselves aesthetically, employing their keen sense of style and endless hunger for all things beautiful. This trait often carries over into plush, cozy digs that fully reflect Taurus at their core: Productive but comfortable at all costs. But slow your roll, stargazer—getting an invitation into the Minotaur’s cushy Labyrinth is another game entirely. Read on for your guide to seducing and conquering Taurus, the zodiac’s most lovable, sexy beast.

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