all photos courtesy of rizolli


read it: a denim story

the awesome new book full of inspiration.

by steff yotka

Watch out cotton. I think in 2014 it's pretty safe to say that denim is the new fabric of our lives. And if you need a little proof, look no further than A Denim Story, the inspirational book by stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott and photographer Hilary Walsh.

You can immediately tell it's an awesome book because it has Staz on the cover, but let me promise you, the inside pages don't disappoint either. Packed with iconic images of celebrities in jeans (like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Cher, and Farrah Fawcett) and photos from magazines of cool models like Dree Hemingway, the book is like the best Tumblr or Pinterest board come to life. After flipping through its beautifully designed pages, you will probably want to completely revamp your wardrobe with a zillion more pieces of denim. (At least I did.)

I found the book to be especially helpful because not only because it's organized into clear sections, like "Overalls," "American Summer," or "Boyfriend," that make figuring out what your jean style is and how to get it a lot easier. 

Check out some photos from the book in the slideshow and get your copy here