a sock to wear by viva moz

I was looking for some socks and then I found some socks…and heaven knows…

by Josh Madden

It's safe to say that 110% of our NYLON Guys staff are insanely huge Morrissey fans, which is why we bought half a dozen pair as soon as these socks were released. But first, let's rewind back to just how we found Viva-Moz.com. Two years ago around the holidays, we were hunting for gifts for a couple of friends who have everything under the sun and we discovered the Vulgar Face sweater. After doing a little research we found that all of the Viva Moz items are made in super-limited runs, it's a by a fan, for the fans kind of thing. The only way to get ahold of any of the products is to sign up to the e-mail list--as soon as a notification shows up, drop everything you are doing and head directly to the site (we bought these socks and when we refreshed the page they were sold out). These socks with little Mozz-father faces all over them are like nothing we've ever seen, and trust us, we've searched the globe. We think there is no better way to let everyone in the front row of every fashion show next week know just how it's going down. Sign up to get your notification HERE and get the Vulgar Old English sweater when it drops next month!