aaron paul on the cover of nylon guys

From The Price Is Right…to Jesse Pinkman…

by Josh Madden

Let's kick this announcement off by first announcing that Jesse Pinkman's real name is Aaron Paul. And furthermore, we've been celebrating this dude's career since way back in '02 when he had a bit part in one of our favorite flicks National Lampoon's Van Wilder. A quick glance at the long list of appearances on just about every hit TV show on every network in the last 15 years is enough to warrant respect from even the toughest critic, but Paul's staying power comes from the fact that he loves his craft more than the fame or lack thereof at times. We spent some good time with Paul this month and honestly, couldn't be more proud to have this guy on our cover. Did you know that his Jesse Pinkman character was only supposed to be around for one season of Breaking Bad? Did you also know that Paul's first television appearance was on The Price Is Right ?(check out the video below) The actor has seen Radiohead something like, 15 times — we knew there was a reason we liked this guy. We're almost best friends, right dude? We don't wanna give away the whole interview, but let's just say it's one of our favorites. We're stoked that Paul already has projects lined up, so he won't be disappearing any time soon. Check out page 126 of this month's NYLON Guys for the full story.

On what made him get into acting: "Kubrick is one of the reasons I fell in love with film.

On Breaking Bad fans: "What's so great about Breaking Bad is that we don't have a huge female fan base, so I don't have young girls screaming my name, but I turn grown men into fangirls."

Did he get any souvenirs from the Breaking Bad set: I really tried to get the RV door with the bullet holes but they wouldn't let me have it."

The decision to leave everything and move to LA on his own at 17: "The easiest of my life."