designer to know: adam selman

rihanna’s costume designer breaks out on his own.

by daisy mcnairy

Fashion Week isn't just about the big name superstars. It's also about the emerging designers on their way to the top. So every day we're shining the spotlight on up-and-coming labels we love. Keep checking back here to see which brands everyone else will be talking about tomorrow. 

You may find yourself already familiar with Adam Selman thanks to one certain superstar: Rihanna. In addition to crafting many of the singer's talked-about performance outfits, Selman also co-designed her recent River Island collection. However, yesterday he debuted his solo collection at a presentation at the Algus Greenspon Gallery in the West Village.  

Extension cords and big lights ran wild around the presentation, making me wonder if I had accidentally wandered backstage or into a private photo shoot. All of this only making sense when I learned that much of Selman’s inspiration came from old Cosmopolitan spreads from the '80s. Selman described his line as "sporty and sexy"-- and with girls wearing everything from teeny bikinis and flowing robes to pink silk jerseys and baggy denim jackets emblazoned with stars, it was the perfect combination of the two. 

Between the collection, the lights, and the amount of people who were just trying to take a peek at Selman’s debut, this is a guy who's clearly finding his footing in the solo spotlight.