Adele Accepts Fans’ Wedding Invite, Making It The Social Event Of The Year


Adele's a great singer, but the real highlight of her seemingly endless Live 2016 tour has been her interactions with her adoring audience. Unlike other major pop stars, Adele's encounters with her fans feel genuine and unpredictable, like that time she invited a fan to sing on stage, only to discover she was a Grammy-winning singer, or when she called out an audience member for filming the concert instead of watching it play out live

She was at it again this week, inviting a couple named Vince and Ryan on stage because she caught them dancing “literally like there was no one else here.” The couple bounded on to the stage and beamed with disbelief as Adele asked them their names. "I'm not Adele-ready!" one of them told her.

Later in the conversation, they told Adele they'll be getting married in Montana next September. "Can I come?" Adele asked. "I would love to come!" When they asked her what her rate was, she responded, “Don’t worry I’ll do it for free.” That Adele, such a mensch. Watch the delightful interaction above.