Adele’s Makeup Artist Shows You How You Get Her Cat Eye

Get that signature flick

Just about everything about Adele has reached iconic status—her voice, her face, her music, her style, her amazing attitude, even her signature cat eye mascara, pencil, and eye shadow combo. Unlike her voice and pretty much the rest of the Adele package, you can actually get that eye look for yourself—and there’s a brand-new video to make that all that more doable.

Yesterday, top-shelf, high-powered makeup artist, expert, and author Lisa Eldridge uploaded a one-of-a-kind video to her site. In it, Adele’s personal hair-and-makeup stylist, Michael Ashton, opened up on his legendary client’s look and offered a few tips to anyone trying it out themselves.

Having worked with Adele for almost a decade, Ashton can certainly be called the creator of her high-impact, retro look. Now, this tutorial isn't exactly for the lazy girl. The video itself is 22 minutes long (though, obviously, once you get the method to this magic practiced and memorized, it shouldn't take more than a quick five to do for yourself). Basically, it’s best if you sit back with your mirror, liquid liner, and falsies and really take your time with this one.

Also, it might help to watch the video and then go shopping. Ashton likes to pile the shadows and liners, so it might make sense to create a laundry list and go stock up. He’s going to tell you to grab Tom Ford this and that, but we’re betting you can make due without breaking your rent budget. Maybe block out an afternoon or quiet night to get this all done, okay?

But the video isn’t good just because it teaches you how to replicate that impressive Adele swoop. Little tips for use elsewhere pop up throughout. We’re particularly fond of how Ashton suggests you let your gel liner dry before application. Nice to hear and fun to watch. See the whole thing below and report back to us. Love to see how you pull it off.