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Even The Sign-Language Version Of Adele’s “Hello” Will Make You Weep

is there no stopping her?

Adele’s ability to tap into the soft parts of the heart transcends genre, gender, and individual taste—so much so that translating her words into American Sign Language produces tears even for those with no understanding of it. It’s just uncanny. 

Above, interpreter Molly Lou Bartholomew captures all that weepiness in a video that is somewhere between translation and performance. It may very well kill you whether or not you're fluent in ASL.

Actually, come to think of it, ASL would be one of the perfect mediums for conveying all those emotions. The language’s hand signals and facial cues—a large part of ASL—can be beautiful and graceful even in the most humdrum conversations. Add in Adele’s lyrics and delivery, and you’ve got something that will bring on the waterworks regardless of your knowledge of ASL (or even English).

Enjoy this at your desk, if you don’t mind tearing up at work.

(Via Mashable)