Adele’s Microphone Shut Off In The Middle Of A Performance, She Handled It Like A Professional


Picture this: You're performing one of your many ballads for a massive stadium. The crowd's loving it, as they always do, and you're having a grand old time giving the people what they want. Then, all of a sudden, your microphone goes out. If it sounds like a nightmare, that's because it is. Unless you're Adele, of course.

On Saturday night during a performance in Birmingham, U.K., Adele was singing "All I Ask" when her microphone, instrumentals, and basically all sound shut off. If you remember back to the Grammys, Adele had sonic issues while performing the same song and she kept powering through. In fact, her response then was, "Shit happens." So when it all seemed to have gone awry, this time around, the singer kept going and it became a beautiful stadium-wide singalong.

The sound came back on, and after she finished the song, she asked the audience, "Why did you all start cheering midway through?" After the audience told her what happened, she said, "The sound went off? The PA fucking cut off, eh? Oh, fucking hell. Well, I didn't cut off in the ears I put in meself... Tell them I wasn't miming. Every fucking show I sing live. I do, every show. Never mimed in me life."

What a lovely, profanity-loving angel.