Watch Adele play ‘Box of lIes’ and perform on ‘The Tonight Show’

Smiles All Around

by daniel barna

A giddy Adele paid a visit to The Tonight Show Monday, and had the air of someone who just sold 2.3 milllion albums in three days. In fact, Adele seemed so thrilled to be there, she made the pathologically upbeat Jimmy Fallon seem morose by comparison. Okay, that's not really true. Fallon won't ever be sad, especially not when he's challenging the biggest pop star in the world to a game of 'Box of Lies' which you can watch above.

Adele later returned to perform "Water Under The Bridge", one of the best cuts off that record-breaking album we mentioned earlier. Once again, Fallon had trouble containing his excitement, as did his second guest Kelly Ripa. In other words, Adele is back and everyone is really, really happy about it.