ari cohen’s advanced style movie is here

our hearts are swelling!

There is something so impossibly heartwarming about Ari Cohen's Advanced Style project. It isn't just the absolute grace and sophistication of the ladies — which appears in spades—but also about the way each subject lights up under Cohen's lens. Inherently, he doesn't want to just photograph a cool outfit, but also find a woman (and a look) that tells an entire story. We've been given an exclusive clip of the movie in which Ari spots a chic woman on the street and he proceeds to tell her about the project. Not only is she touched to be chosen, but it is clear that Ari has a real eye. With his camera out, he turns the unsuspecting woman into a true model, one that has the type of je ne sais quoi only seen in glossy magazines or film stills, a poise that suggests that, just because a woman is 50+ doesn't mean her style is any less important. 

Check out our interview with the filmmakers here, then order the entire film on iTunes.