AG BB Cream Hai

bb cream for your hair? it’s here, and it’s awesome.

by kelsey nguyen

Game time! What's two letters, originated from Korea, and is a one-hit face wonder? If you correctly guessed "BB cream," reward yourself with a luxurious treat-- preferably, with AG Hair's newest Deflect heat protector and BB hair cream. Our complexion is already the daily recipient of skincare goodness, so why not switch it around and instead focus on taming our hair for a change? Raise your hand if you want silky smooth, luxurious locks for the upcoming season.

Hopefully by now you're already quite familiar with the

famed BB cream

for our skin, but what about for our hair? The concept is still the same, except, it might just be even better. The sparkling new BB hair cream from AG aims to nourish your precious tresses in every way possible. Designed to bestow heavenly doses of moisture, silkiness, and thickness, the BB cream will ensure that your hair remains richly prepped and prepared before you style.  

Worried if you're a member of Team Wavy or Curly? It's cool-- AG has crafted their BB cream to accommodate all hair types and styles. Of course, we must not forget about another important factor: ingredients. Count Vitamin A and E as part of the equation to give you shine and nurture your scalp. And, for a enticing list that has us craving for a tropical smoothie, the BB cream also contains superfruit extracts that range from acai berry to goji to fully provide anti-aging properties for your hair. 

Don't forget to defend your hair from the dreaded heat damage with AG's Deflect heat protector, which not only prolongs your hair color, but reduces drying time. That's a plus one in our book! 

Make sure to spoil yourself with these AG products. You (and your hair) deserve it. See them in action in the video below!