AG Hair for Men Summons Your Inner Sean Connery

    by · October 06, 2014

    Since 1989, AG Hair has produced high quality grooming goods that stand the test of time. With its latest line, AG Hair for men offers two new products designed to turn that test of time on its head, and yours.

    Summoning old-Hollywood classics like Cool Hand Luke and You Only Live Twice (that’s Bond 5 for you youngsters), AG Hair for men tries it’s stucco-laden hand at an era, in style, known for handsome actors and impeccable hairdos.

    While we can’t promise you’ll land a babe as hot as Kissy Suzuki (1967 bond girl), we can bring you one step closer to bad-assed, Sean Connery-ish side parts.

    Shop the complete line of AG Hair products at and

    Words: Taj Reed

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