aid in the shade

a gentle reminder to wear your sunscreen, no matter what.

by faran krentcil

The weather outside may be hazy, but that's no excuse to skimp on sunscreen. Whether it's sunny, cloudy, or raining, you need to apply and SPF on your face every morning.  And there's a million ways to do it.

Many foundations, including Clarins and Neutrogena, contain a built-in SPF, and tinted moisturizers from Aveeno and Chanel also pack sunscreen.  But if you don't want to switch your foundation for summer - or don't wear any at all - then we recommend the new Five-In-One Face Cream from First Aid Beauty.

Designed to reduce redness and retain moisture in skin, the cream has an SPF 30 and a matte formula that means you'll be protected from sunshine, without being shiny yourself.

It's also got botanical ingredients that fight free radicals and wrinkles, but the reality is, if you're vigilant about your sunscreen application now, you'll be zapping the signs of old age before they even start.

$38 at Sephora