get alexa chung’s cat eye

with her own eyeko eyeliner, obviously

by liza darwin

It seems like forever ago when we first told you that Alexa Chung was collaborating with U.K. makeup company Eyeko on her own collection of eyeliners. Since then, we've been doing our homework in a huge way--brushing up on the dos and dont's of the cat eye, checking out other It girl cat eye-cons (get it?) and basically preparing ourselves to snag Chung's cat eye-inspired set for ourselves.

Now it's officially landed in stores overseas, and Chung turned out to celebrate the launch in London yesterday in the best way possibly--rocking the perfect cat eye. The bad news? The collection doesn't hit stateside until January, so if you happen to be in the U.K. before then, check out Selfridges to snag a set for yourself. But the good news is, it's already available online for those who really want to get Alexa for Eyeko first. So while you weigh your options, see how to wing it Alexa-style, below!

CONCEAL IT: Covergirl Invisible Cream Concealer, $6.99

As Chung said last night, "To start I apply a little concealer on my eyelid and under my eye." Smooth it in and then set with invisible powder. 

LINE IT: Alexa for Eyeko Eye Do Duo, $56.23 OR Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner, $20

According to Chung, the key is starting from the outside and working your way in. "I do the outside flick first, just one line, then see if they're even and level then I'll just draw the rest in to match it but sometimes I do it too thick and have to start again," she told The Daily Mail.  Our suggestion: holding your skin tight and your hand steady, line the eye in sections--don't try to get it all in one go. Although some people prefer to put eyeliner on after mascara (which also works!) we like to do it with nude lashes because it's easier to follow. 

LENGTHEN IT: Alexa for Eyeko Eye Do Duo, $56.23  OR Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black, $6.40

Swipe on two coats on top and one on the bottom. Et voila! The perfect cat eye tutorial, straight from Alexa Chung herself.