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Alexis Ohanian Tried To Figure Out How Serena Williams’ Edges Look So Good

For the fans

Serena Williams’ fans had a very pressing, very urgent question they needed answered: How, after sweating and humidity, and toweling, do the tennis star’s edges remain so perfectly laid? So, they hit up her very loving husband, Alexis Ohanian, to pass along their query.

Ohanian posted the text exchange between him and his wife on Twitter, which went like this, “Why are your edges so good?” he asks. “Eh???” Williams responds, confused. Ohanian explains that women on Twitter have been asking him. “Oh lol cause I use a new gel I just discovered,” she explains. When he asks her what the name is, she replies “‘Serena’s secret.’”

Once Ohanian let the curious fan know, she wrote back: “You tried, Cuz!! For that, I thank you! Please tell Serena that we love and support her… even if she keeps the world’s greatest beauty secret from us!” 

What she said!