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alison mosshart breaks down her uniform (so everyone else can copy it).

by liza darwin

Alison Mosshart's tour wardrobe secret: wearing basically the same thing every day. Rockstars: they're just like us? (Vogue UK)

It's been a long 17 years since Mazzy Star's last album, and now they're back! Get a taste of "California" with the new music video here. (Consequence of Sound)

Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style gets its own coloring book! Love. (Refinery29

Wait...does this mean Selena Gomez is getting a Vogue cover? (Huffington Post)

The Giver movie is totally happening--and it stars Meryl Streep. Better dig up your old copy from school... (The Hollywood Reporter

Stream Black Light Dinner Party's new album a day early and get the track-by-track breakdown from the guys themselves! Best day ever? (NYLON Guys)