get your glow on with this lite-brite mascara.

by liza darwin

When we were in elementary school, we were absolutely obsessed with our LA Gear light-up sneakers. They were hot pink, super comfy, and, best of all, they glowed in the dark. How much cooler could you get at age seven?!

For everyone who's still in love with the lite-bright trend but doesn't want to wear it on their feet, here's a grownup alternative. The new Illuminating Mascara from LA Splash has a special light-up brush that, yes, glows in the dark. Infused with a special no-mess formula that sets in a quick swipe, this mascara comes in basic black, along with blue, green and purple hues.

Although it's marketed for girls who do their makeup on the run (and in dark spaces, apparently), we want it just to indulge in childhood nostalgia...and we have a feeling we're not the only ones.

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