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    alt-j, waterproof beauty, and the cutest swimsuits around.

    by · June 19, 2014

    The Curator: Liza Darwin, Digital Editorial Director

    The Inspiration: Bimba Y Lola Summer 2014

    Even if I can count the number of times I’ve gone to the beach in New York on one hand (sad, I know), that’s not stopping me from lusting over every single seaside-ready piece in Bimba Y Lola’s new collection. The Spanish brand, which is beloved by cool girls overseas, comes stocked with retro printed hair scarves juxtaposed with wildly graphic swimsuits. The life aquatic has never been so unexpectedly awesome.

    The Look: Karen Walker Eyewear

    Only Karen Walker would be able to have her quirky-rad sunglasses modeled by little kids and, um, slightly older ladies...and pull it off. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seven, 70, or even an alien (as evidenced here), no beach-going outfit is complete without a pair of her geometric shades.

    The Face: Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Eyeliner

    I saw The Fault in the Stars last night, and you guys, I was a mess. I’m talking “use my salty popcorn napkin to wipe tears off my cheek” kind of a mess. But miraculously, my liquid eyeliner didn’t budge, even despite all my crying. So if my cat eye can last through this, then there’s absolutely no question that I’m bringing this Urban Decay pencil on my next beach and pool trip.

    The News: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Use Their Fame for Good

    Rather than giving the paps the bird or speeding away in their car, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield instead saw the hoards of cameramen staked outside their restuarant spot as an opportunity to promote charities such as the Youth Mentoring Connection, Autism Speaks, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and Gilda’s Club New York City. Way to go, you guys.

    The Song: “Hunger of the Pine” by Alt-J

    Alt-J’s 2012 album An Awesome Wave has been in heavy rotation for the past couple of years, and for good reason. But it’s time to give the disc a brief break and tune out to the band’s new single, “Hunger of the Pine,” right now. It’s the first off their forthcoming sophomore effort This Is All Yours (out this fall), and is guaranteed to start your Thursday on a decidedly groovy note.

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