15 Natural Deodorants You Should Probably Switch To

the ultimate pit test

Once puberty hits, combating body odor becomes one of your biggest priorities in life. Picking the right deodorant can be a tricky process. For some, it's all about the scent. For others, the absorbency counts the most. There are so many different products to choose from, but depending on where you shop for hygenic necessities, your choices may be limited. As it turns out, some deodorants contain ingredients that are not suited for your body. Most antiperspirants and deodorants are primarily made with aluminum, which has been linked to cancer. So if this stuff is bad for you, how is it even allowed to be sold on the market?

In an effort to stop using products of this nature, we decided to test out some alternatives. (You'd be surprised at how many natural deodorants can be found at your local grocery, drug, or convenience store.) Some of the products were marketed toward men, but that didn't stop us! We got our hands dirty with 15 of the trendiest sticks, creams, and sprays on the market right now to figure out which of these products are really the best of the bunch. All of the items hit different price points too, so there's something here for every budget.

Read our collective review of 15 natural deodorants in the gallery, above!

Lafes, Natural Deodorant Twist Stick Soothe, $7.99, available at Lafes.

Sydney: For the past five years, I had been using Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel. As stated on the label, it's an aluminum zirconium octachlorohydrex GLY antiperspirant/deodorant. I started applying it after I switched from ballet to volleyball because I was sweating A LOT. I found the Lafes deodorant at my local Whole Foods and have been using it for a few weeks now, so it's something that I have grown to trust. Upon the first application, it was a little rough on my skin, but now it absorbs all the way into my armpits. The smell is really nice and lasts through any activity. The only downer is that once I start to perspirate, my pits feel a tad bit moist.

Meow Meow Tweet, Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream, $14, available at Meow Meow Tweet.

Sydney: This smells so sweet when you open it! I wore it while I was recovering from a cold, so I was sweating a bit more than usual, but it held up. One valuable thing I learned from this whole experience is that my body does not react well to baking soda, so the fact that this product is baking soda-free ensured that it was right for me. (This is such a bummer because I would have loved to try the Lavender Deodorant Cream.) The grapefruit scent doesn't pick up on your clothing, which is another thumbs up. I never thought that I would be down with deodorant creams, but I have no problem with using them now! The jar isn't too big either, so I'll definitely be carrying it with me in my tote bag.

Soapwalla, Deodorant Cream, $14, available at Soapwalla.

Sydney: I was really excited to try this cream because so many places where I shop online for home items carry it. I applied it once in the morning, then spent my day running a bunch of errands downtown. When I got home, I took a whiff and I couldn't smell anything, but my armpits were itching like crazy. Unfortunately, there was a slight sensation of irritation. Another thing I didn't like was that the product didn't completely absorb into my pores. Bad reactions all around, unfortunately. If it works for your body, definitely take advantage and stock up on a few of the travel sizes that are available—you can just throw them at the bottom of your bag and won't have to worry about taking up any space!

Jenna: This cream worked really well for me. It can be a bit messy to apply, but it absorbed pretty quickly into my skin. The combination of sweet orange, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils work really well to mask any odor, but I also did feel a very slight irritation after using it for a few days in a row. However, the travel jar is the perfect size and I think it's a really great product to have on hand when you need a quick refresh.

Burt's Bees, Herbal Deodorant, $8, available at Burt's Bees.

Sydney: I picked this up at Whole Foods, but you can also find it at Duane Reade. The scent is so strong that you can smell it from outside the bottle. I decided to wear this for a yoga class that I attended one weekend. Upon spraying it on, the scent immediately picked up on all of my clothes that made contact with my armpits. The yoga class was packed so I was really paranoid that this deodorant was not going to work and everyone around me was going to hate me. Once the session began though, I noticed that I didn't smell like anything at all. The spray removed any whiff of body odor and didn't emit its scent on me either. It also prevented me from perspiring uncontrollably. I will definitely be using this product whenever I'm planning on doing any form of physical exercise!

Jenna: This spray worked pretty well for me. The sage scent is initially really strong and but fades as the day continues and still manages to mask my own BO. It didn't work as well for me through a workout as it did for Sydney, but I definitely recommend this as an affordable, natural option for everyday.

Piper Wai, Natural Deodorant, $11.99, available at Piper Wai.

Sydney: I loved this product! It wasn't as messy as I anticipated and absorbed into my pores without a trace. The scent is easy on the nose too, so you don't have to worry about clashing with perfume if you regularly wear it like I do. Halfway through my day, I didn't smell much of anything so I'd say that this gets the job done!

Erbaviva, Lemon Sage Organic Deodorant, $20, available at Erbaviva.

Sydney: This is another deodorant that comes in travel size, which is perfect for all you girls on the go! I've been letting my armpit hair grow back so I was worried that I would have moist pits, but it absorbed right up! I tried the jasmine grapefruit scent and it was amazing.

Jenna: This spray dries almost instantly and the lemon sage scent smells really great. After a workout, I notice that I start to smell a bit, but I keep the travel size in my purse for a quick way to freshen up. The lemon peel oil can sting a bit if you have razor burn, so this may not be the best product if your pits are already a bit irritated.

Weleda, Wild Rose Deodorant, $14, available at Weleda.

Sydney: If you're worried about your natural body odor, this deodorant will completely cover it up. The scent is very strong. I'll probably use it for workout sessions.

Jenna: If you love roses, this is the deodorant for you, as the scent is really powerful. I like how this spray doesn't leave me feeling sticky after applying, as a lot of sprays tend to do.

Dr. Hauschka, Rose Deodorant, $24, available at Dr. Hauschka.

Sydney: I'm completely obsessed with this deodorant. It's definitely one of my favorites out of the items that we tested, mainly because the scent is delicious. The product fully absorbed into my skin which was a plus, but I will say that if you don't rub on enough of it, there's a chance that it might not last through an entire day. Another good thing is that it's small enough to carry with you. You can order this online or pick it up at Whole Foods!

Jenna: Agreeing with Sydney on this one—it smells amazing, feels amazing, and lasts! Just make sure you completely cover the area when applying.

Dr. Hauschka, Sage Mint, $24, available at Dr. Hauschka.

Sydney: I'm not usually one for the flavor of mint, but this scent is somewhat refreshing. I personally prefer the rose scent, but this is a good alternative if you want to change it up. Prepare to reapply a lot, though.

Jenna: I loved the scent and found the mint to be really cooling and refreshing, but it didn't last as well as the rose one did. Still a great product, but needs to be reapplied.

Baxter of California, Deodorant, $19, available at Baxter of California.

Sydney: I mainly wanted to try this because it won GQ's Grooming Award Winner 2015 for Best Deodorant. Many women use men's deodorant because it works better for them—I have never been one of those women, but I've never not wanted to be them. The way I see it, as long as the product gets the job done, it doesn't matter who it's intended for. The stick is clear so I couldn't really tell if it fully absorbed, but it felt like it did. The scent was faint and reminded me of laundry detergent. I went to a concert after work and I never felt like I was emitting any heinous odors. Winner!

Jenna: This one wins! The stick glides on easily and doesn't leave a residue. The citrus and herbal musk is mild and pleasant, and certainly doesn't leave you smelling like you raided your boyfriend's bathroom. I will definitely continue to use this product, as it has yet to fail me—even after an intense workout.

Ursa Major, Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant, $18, available at Ursa Major.

Sydney: This deodorant was awesome. It kept my pits smelling fresh all day. Highly, highly recommend.

Jenna: This one is runner-up for me! The herbal-citrus scent is super refreshing, the stick is easy to apply and absorbs instantly, and I never once had to reapply. It also soothes irritation, which is awesome for razor burn.